Planet Ocean: the full story of Omega's modern iconic Dive Watch replicas replica watches

When I write a message to a friend and friend of BlogtoWatcher Zach PiƱa on Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, he sent me the quote above, which in my opinion perfectly sums up why I think this collection is so special. Introduced in 2005, Planet Ocean appears to have been around until many of us have replica watches been passionate about watches and enthusiasts, as a fixed point in the brand catalog that fits comfortably on the Speedmaster. In this article I intend to go through the development of this luxury diving watch and trace the various models, the most important milestones and the short but robust history of this luxury diving watch.

Of course, the planetary sea in Omega's modern history came quite late. Seamaster Professional arrived in 1993 and was the watch first used in its second marketing company (after Speedmaster was obviously "Moon Watch"). Indeed, Seamaster Professional (SMP) adorned Pierce Brosnan's wrist for James Bond 007 1995 from Goldeneye (Planet Ocean received this honor more than a decade later in 2006 Casino Royale). After the SMP 300 came the most elegant Seamaster Aqua Terra in 2002, where PO arrived in 2005 as the tallest brother of the line and completed the collection.

Too often I feel frustrated by the historical background that so many watches I love are fascinated. What I mean by "baggage" can mean many things: reluctance to renew because of a romantic vision of the story of a piece; clocks focused on anniversaries or years in memory of monuments; nauseous mention of "temporarily cool" iconic celebrities who wore a watch 50 years ago (seriously, I guess it's 1970 and that fans lost their minds on what Charlie Chaplin or Cecil B. Demille wore shortly before the roaring winds -number) . I like the fact that the Planet replica watches uk Ocean line has nothing to do with it and can proudly present itself as a true offering of modern diving watches. It is obvious that it is important to note that my points above are limited to Vegetal Ocean, not to the brand as a whole as it is a completely different conversation.

Omega created Planet Ocean to be a modern luxury dive watch that can compete with "comparable" offers, such as the Rolex Submariner. It is also worth noting that the Seamaster line as a whole has always been understood as more of a luxury piece in the body by a solid watch instrument rather than as an instrument fake rolex that eventually made its way to the wrists of wealthy watch lovers .

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