2020 FIYTA Watch Aircraft Factory theme tour unveiled

The 2020 FIYTA "Aircraft Factory" theme exhibition was launched one after another in June, presenting an ultimate mechanical aesthetics.replica watches Adhering to the precision craftsmanship derived from aviation, FIYTA always talks about everything related to "flying". This theme tour draws inspiration from flying themes, tells legendary flight stories in the form of exhibitions, explores professional watchmaking skills, and pays tribute to dreams, fearlessness and the spirit of exploration.

The theme exhibition hall incorporates aviation flight elements, paying tribute to the bravery and fearlessness with aviation precision, which is also a continuation of the extraordinary spirit of the brand. At the entrance, a model of the "J-20" fighter plane is carefully crafted, and the internal walls are decorated with aircraft-manufactured parts, presenting an exclusive experience space of precision machinery and fashion and modernity. There is also a manufacturing experience area where you can engrave exclusive symbols for the watch. Set value legendary timepiece. At the same time, the theme exhibition also exposed another brand-new image of the brand spokesperson Gao Yuanyuan, showing a different style with sassy and heroic posture.

The theme exhibition hall has a watch display area. Travel through the exquisite timepieces and explore the superb watchmaking skills of the Mach series and the aerospace series.fake watches The Mach series has been favored since its inception and is an excellent example of the combination of FIYTA watches' extraordinary design style and practical functions. In 2018, FIYTA launched the "J-20" fighter joint limited edition watch. The watch draws design inspiration from the body, uses aeronautical materials and top watchmaking technology to create a sophisticated timepiece, continuing to write a flying legend.

The Aerospace series is a highlight in the brand's history. It is the fruit of the brand's outstanding innovation and superb technology, condensing the essence of FIYTA's professional watchmaking. The aerospace series replica watches are re-engraved from the legendary style of the "Shenzhen Seven" aerospace watch. The iconic multi-faceted case has a 45-minute cumulative chronograph and is re-engraved with details to remember great moments.